Production Kit: Timbaland

My library of Timbo sound samples is pretty massive. In total, I've got three sets! And like the Kanye West Double Set, I've zipped them up into just one downloadable file! Timbo's got a plethora of weird sounds and effects, as you may have noticed from his wild style and production resume. Check out what we've got for you in these three kits:
Volume One:
117 Drum Sounds/Bass Kit
28 Rims
17 Snare Samples
12 Miscellaneous Sound FX
1 Missy Congo Sample
3 Hat Samples
13 Synth Samples
1 Flute Sample
1 Guitar Sample
1 Horn Sample
4 Kick Samples
4 Shaker Samples
3 String Samples
4 Voice FX

Volume Two (Timbalicious Drumz):
149 Miscellaneous Timbo Sound FX

Volume Three:
3 Bass Drum Samples
6 Clap Samples
10 Click Samples
2 Crunch Samples
3 Scrape Samples
1 Slap Sample
3 Snap Samples
7 Knock Samples
1 Pluck Sample
24 Miscellaneous Timbo Sound FX