Production Kit: Just Blaze

If it wasn't for Just Blaze and his amazing production skills back in the late '90's and early 2000's, I would have never become such a big Roc-A-Fella fan. This production kit offers a tiny, tiny glimpse at the creative mind of Justin Blazini! Here's the rundown of all the sounds and samples included in this kit:
Volume One:
3 Hats
34 Snares
51 Kicks & Bass Drum Samples
18 Buzz, Kick Buzz & Snare Buzz Samples
5 Claps & Snaps
5 Shakers
25 Guitar Licks
1 Bass Guitar Sample
6 Horn Samples
4 Flute Samples
5 Sitar Samples
1 Tabla Sample
1 Violin Sample
2 Triangle Samples
2 Sub-Bass Sounds
25 Keyboard Samples (Mosly from the Allen Anthony song
1 Scratch
1 Miscellaneous Vocal Sample

Volume Two:
33 Assorted Sounds and Sound Effects (Some Duplicates from Volume One)