Production Kit: Jay-Z Construction Set

Back in 2004, a couple of guys put together a project infamously known as the Jay-Z Construction Set. In an effort to invigorate the remix movement, the Jay-Z Construction Set played a huge role, in my opinion, in the proliferation of Black Album remixes. The Jay-Z Construction Set consisted of hundreds of sounds and samples to inspire and help aspiring remixers and beat makers (myself included). The website for the Jay-Z Construction Set is still up running, and it still looks the same as it always did (check it out right here)! The site hasn't been updated since '05 though and circulation of the Set has died down. Well, I've decided to bring it back! I downloaded this helpful kit four years ago and I've still got it! Thankfully I can (re-)share it with you today. Here's a list of the contents in the Jay-Z Construction Set:
115 Sounds from The Roland TR-808 (Including Bass, Snares and more!)
160 Sounds from The Roland TR-909 (Including Bass, Snares and more!)
34 Popular breaks (Including "Amen", "Apache", "Funky Drummer", "Tighten Up" & more)
7 Sounds from The Casio SK-1 Sampler (Classic Drum Machine)
13 The The Roland CompuRhythm CR-8000 (Classic Drum Machine)
13 Sounds from The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks (Classic Drum Machine)
10 Sounds The Korg Rhythm 55 Preset BeatBox
27 Sounds from Polaris
16 Sounds from The Rhythm Ace Drum Machine
14 Atmosfear Samples
14 Sounds from The Kawai SX-240 Analog/Digital Synthesizer
8 Sounds and Samples from The Sequential Circuits TOM Synthesizer
16 Sounds from The Univox Micro-Rhythmer 12 Analog Drum Box
Pretty thorough, huh? Lots of vintage drum boxes and synths in here! Be sure to cherish this one... it's a classic! Props again to the masterminds over at Jay-Z Construction Set. Enjoy: