Production Kit: 9th Wonder

With his Producers Only feature, my fellow blogger Kevin N. inspired me to start sharing my massive collection of drum and sound kits. I started making beats back in '04 and got some major help with the mountain of kits I came across to help me along. Today I'll begin with sharing my 9th Wonder kit (which I've shuffled throughout various hard drives during the past four years). Here's the rundown:
Volume One:
99 Base Drums
78 Claps, Rims & Snares
10 Congas & Toms
99 Hi Hats & Shakers

Volume Two:
30 Claps
33 Cymbals
100 Hi-Hats
130 Kicks
42 Percussions
30 Shakers
150 Snares
Lot of good stuff for aspiring (or already proficient) beat makers and producers here! Lemme know if you like these production kits, 'cause there's plenty more where this came from. Enjoy: